8 Best Free Attractions In Madrid

As you already know Madrid is the capital city of Spain, it’s a Metropolitan city and the third largest city in Europe after London and Berlin.

Apart of being a big city, also is famous for organisations fairs like FITUR, Arco and Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.

If you are planning to visit Madrid, here i let you know my guide and don´t miss the 8 best free attractions in Madrid. These places are a must to see if you are coming to visit Madrid.

I will not going to enter in a long descriptions, it will be short but powerful information.

8-best-free-attractions-in-madrid 8-best-free-attractions-in madrid

La Puerta del Sol, El Oso y el Madroño

The first best attractions in Madrid is La Puerta del Sol is the centre of Madrid, a big square connected with subways and trains, surrounded of commercial streets and also connected to Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor and many more.

In New Years Eve the spanish people they meet at La Puerta del Sol to eat the grapes and celebrate the welcoming of New Year.

The bear and the Madroño is also known like the symbol of Madrid.


Gran Vía Metropolitan

Another best attractions in Madrid and only few steps from La Puerta del Sol, you will find another metropolitan area named Gran Vía, famous for Theaters, shopping and eating.


Plaza Mayor

Another tourist attraction named Plaza Mayor, another main square just a few steps from Puerta del Sol. It consist by three-story residential building and the fabulous of that are all the balconies are facing in to the square. It’s surrounded of bars and restaurants and i recommend you to have a sit in one of those bars, have a drink or eat something. It’s famous to eat here bocadillos de calamar (squid sandwich).

Mercado de San Miguel (Market of San Miguel)

In the corner of Plaza Mayor you will find this incredible Market and its name is Mercado de San Miguel. This one is my favourite, when i’m going in to the centre of Madrid i come to this market and have some tapas, you will find inside of Mercado de San Miguel difference food stalls, they are quit expensive but all are so delicious and you can’t resist not to buy anything.


Parque del Retiro y el Estanque (Park of Retiro and The Pond)

If you are in the main centre of Madrid, i recommend you to take the subway to get in to the Park of Retiro, because it’s quit far, specially if you are tired of walking.

Parque del Retiro it’s a huge park, you could rent a bike to have a fast ride around the park or just join some bike Tours. You will find it surrounding of vegetations, have a walk in one of those beautiful gardens and there is also a big Pond, if you like you could rent and have a ride one of those little boats.



Palacio de Cristal (Cristal Palace)

Palacio de Cristal is located inside of the Park of Retiro. This is one of the marvellous reason to visit Park of Retiro, so don’t miss it if you are going to visit the Park.

Cristal Palace has an incredible architecture, it’s made of glass and built in 1887 to exhibit the flora and fauna from the Philippines. To get inside this palace is a free entrance. Outside of the Palace you will find a Pond with fountains and trees.


Temple of Debod

Temple of Debod, The Egyptian donated this temple to Spain in 1968, as sign of gratitude for helping to save The Abu Simbel Temples. The temple was rebuilt in Parque del Oeste near Royal Palace of Madrid. The entrance is free and also i recommend it to see the sunset.


Royal Palace Madrid

Near from Temple of Debod you will find The Royal Palace in Madrid, is the official residence of the Spanish Royal family but they only used it for ceremonials, choosing instead Palacio de Zarzuela which is much more modest and that is located in outskirt of Madrid.

So if you would like to know a bit of Spanish history, i invite you to visit this Palace. It’s open everyday free entrance for European community, Spanish citizens and also if you have work permission and Iberoamericanos. It’s free entrance from Monday to Thursday 16:00-18:00 pm.

Link to PDF to have Touristik map of Madrid

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