8 Things To Do In Cologne, Germany

Cologne, is one of the largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Where you could find the famous Rhine river, Cologne Cathedral, the famous Carnival that they start to pre-celebrate it on the month of November until the oficial date on February (so you can imagine, how Cologne people are really love to celebrate the Carnival, they do many effort for their costumes design).

I where living in Köln for 4 months, that time i was doing my last year in Degree of Tourism and so i had chose to do my second Internship in Germany and the choosen destination it was Köln. I have the honor to do my internship in one of the most famous Tour-operator in Germany name REWE Touristik ( now a days it’s name is DER Touristik). I have had my really great time in Köln, like i have met a lot of people, learn the culture, improve more my German language and it was a challenge for me because i was alone and when i get there i had to move on by my myself to find my home, where i have lived my 4 months in Cologne.

So, if you ever wanted to visit Köln someday or you will planning to move there for a while just like doing your Internship or learn the German language, i could recommend you my favorite places to visit on.

My most recommended 8 things to do in Cologne:


Cologne Cathedral and The Shrine of the Three Kings

One of a must visited in Cologne, is the Cologne Dom one of the most old church in the world and has survive the Second World War II, after the war they reconstructed the Cathedral and bring back  what it was before, now a days they still restoring the Dom. Inside the Dom you will also find the famous Shrine of the Three Kingsis a reliquary said to contain the bones of the Three Kings


Rhine river

A European river that begins from Swiss to Germany, its the second longest river in Central and Western Europe after Danube. It use it by comercial transporting and of course, they offer a different kinds of trips for tourism ex: You could book a trip to Dusseldorf instead of taking a train.


Christmas Market

In Germany is very famous Weihnachsmarkt (Christmas market), is a street market that they sell all about Christmas and also local and Christmas foods, they celebrate it during the 4 weeks of Advent. It’s really touching and you will feel that Christmas is near when you see those Christmas market. You will find it everywhere, mostly in the central public places.


Museum of Ludwig

Museum of Ludwig, is one of the first museum of Modern-art and was founded in 1976. Where you will find an extensive exhibition likes Pablo Picasso, Rembrant and more….


Chocolate Museum

Chocolate museum is one of the best museum i have ever visited, it was fun for me. In the beginning of the museum, they will tell you the story about cocoa, where they have came from, how they plant it and who’s people recollecting cocoas once it’s already to consume and the worst thing is, the 3rd countries are suffering to recollect this cocoas, they work so hard those children and families just to have a little something to eat and to make a little money, the world is unfair, then the companies sells the cocoas to the manufactures of chocolates and it’s where the business move a lot of money, so that was the worst part of the tour but in the other part, im glad that this museum they tell you about the truth that this people who’s working hard to recollect the cocoas are the most affected badly because of their conditions.

And so, once you know the story, you enter in a little factory of chocolates, that they show you, how they convert the cocoa in chocolates. you will find the famous fountain of chocolates, you could also make your own chocolates and they offer a course to make chocolates desserts.



It’s in the heart of Köln. It’s starts from Schilderstrasse to Neumarkt. It´s a large shopping street where you will find from Shops to Galeries, all kinds of Brands, restaurants, bars and everything that you need.


Schloss Drachenburg 

One of my favorite castle in Germany. It’s very small but there is something special have this castle for me. Constructed in 19th century on the Drachenfels hills in Königswinter it’s a German town near in Bonn. More info here: 

Drachenburg castle


Brühl Palaces Augustusburg and Falkenlust.

It´s one of amazing Palaces i have ever seen and it´s a World Heritage Palace in Köln.

You could have a walk in a huge Garden, visit the Palace inside with a possibility of a Guide explaining the history of this Palace. Here more info:

Augustusburg Palace



Belongs to Augustusburg Palace and they use this place for hunting. So, when they are planning to hunt, they stay there the entire day and they also sleep in Falkenlust. It looks like a small Palace, so they are some rooms to sleep, living rooms, etc.

More info here: Falkenlust Hunting Lodge

So, this is was my story in Köln, i love this city and i have lived a lot of memories here, that i couldn’t forget. There are lots of things to do and to visit in Köln.

For more information about things to do in Cologne. Visit the post of www.thecrazytourist.com  25 Best Things To Do In Cologne

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