Hi, it’s me Shelley.

Travel Blog: ” Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you in to a storyteller ”

My name is Shelley, Born in Philippines and raised up in Ibiza island.  I’m Degree in Tourism and now i’m focusing in Online Marketing. I’m a passionate of traveling. So that´s how i decided to study Tourism. My mother tongue is spanish and tagalog but I’m also speak english and some german. Almost in my entire life i worked for difference hotels in Ibiza, i really like how to treat with the clients, try to give them their expectations, offering them a good and quality services.


What is Travelkiss My Places Travel Blog?

This is my Travel blog and i name it “Travelkiss My places”. I created this blog to share my travel experiences with you, specially Ibiza my white island. A part of traveling i love to do some Photography, also im a passionate of Gastronomy, so you will find a section for Photography and Gastronomy in this travel blog.

I have a full time job, so if i can i dedicate my vacation to traveling in difference places that i didn’t visited before. Also i love eating in difference kind of Restaurants, so there will be restaurant recommendations.

If i have time, i try to update my site. So i hope, all the information that i will provide you will be entertain you and helps you for your traveling in the future.

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Thank you for your time and see you soon,

Shelley Penilla

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