“Dinner at Minami Japanese Restaurant by Ushuaïa Hotel”

Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat.


So, this is what happened how we get here in this fantastic Japanese restaurant. At the first time we were booked our table in another restaura because we were planning to see Dj Solomun by Pacha, he was playing for free in Ibiza harbour.

So our plan was to have a dinner near in Ibiza harbour and see Solomun. We were a group of 7 person, i received a phone call of my sister trying to change our plan where to have a dinner. She was visiting a friend of us, who’s working in Minami’s Japanese restaurant, so this friend kindly offer to her if we would like to have a dinner with them in Minami.

So i tell her why not, if was a second time that we were having a dinner at this restaurant but the first time we ate only sushi and we never have dinner before in Teppanyaki.  So it was a surprise and a good dinning experience.


The dinner was consist of 5 plates and dessert. These plates are not on the menu, but they served us, because we were friend of a guy who’s working here and so they just treat us so well.

This plate it’s name Ceviche. There was fish and meat, the bad thing is i couldn’t remember what kind of fish was it, but was so delicious.


This one was fried tofu with rice salad and soda sprouts. It was fluffy and salty but it was balance the taste, in one bite you could eat the entire tofu salad.


Oh this is one of my favourite and was so delicious. Smashed potato and tataki tuna with drizzle of wasabi sauce. Simple but delicious.


These are varieties flavour of sushis. I remember when i taste the sushi eel, it was melting inside of my mouth and was softy. The rest of the sushis are tuna, salmon, raw beef, california rolls and quail egg with black olives patê.


The fifth course consist of a Japanese miso soup with prawn, vegetable pak choi, cilantro and couldn’t´t remember what’s underneath of pak choi but it looks like potato. This soup was very delicious too, this is one of my favourite course that they served.


Ok, so finally after five course we are almost full. So the last course was the famous Teppanyaki. This is was entertaining, while he was cooking he made some show cooking. making some joke with us, also he invite us if we would like to try how to cook with Teppanyaki. The Teppanyaki consist of: Vegetables and fried rice. Tuna, Salmon, Prawns, chicken and beef.

This last course we couldn’t finish it, we were done with all that kind foods.


After all that course, it comes the dessert. We were all fascinated with this dessert, we said “ohhh my god, what is this? ” The dessert name was The table of Feng Shui Zen. I don’t know how to explain what was the consist but all i remember the green little balls are matcha, the three white balls are softly, sweety and sticky but so delicious, then the green sponge also was also delicious and softy, like a sea sponge and the big white ball definitely i can’t remember what was inside, maybe chocolate.


Many thanks to the Minami team and specially Mr. Lawrence Jakihaca

Conclusion: The Minami Japanese restaurant by Ushuaïa has a very good atmosphere, a Japanese calm decoration. You could choose Teppanyaki and you just sit infront of the cook or you could choose also sitting in a table and they serve you sushis.

The food are amazing, specially i liked the most sushi, tuna with mashed potato, the japanese miso soup and my number one is the dessert, this one is the best for me.

The prices are quite expensive but as we came with a friend who’s working here, we had a special price.

So please give me a thumbs up if you liked this post and if you like japanese food don’t forget to visit this restaurant.

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