What a wonderful photo by Meril D. I adore the simplicity of this image and how I get the shivers just looking at it. Can’t you feel the cold? Don’t you hear the low, muffled crackle of those heavy hooves as they step on the snow-covered ground? I also love how the diagonal line of […]

via Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Meril D — The Insatiable Traveler

Inspirational Photo Taked by Meril D.

If you like Photography like me, you will love this photos taked by Meril D. I repost this article from The Insatiable Traveler, because i find it very interesting. Sometimes it also happen to me when i saw some photographs taked by the other artist, it really inspired me and i just say to my self “wow i wish i had taked those photographs” so you just start to imagine how does she taked those photographs, what kind of camera she use and so on. If you have a good eye on it and have patience, im sure you will have incredible shots like this.

Here i invited you, to have a look this inspirational photo. Just click here and contemplate the photograph of the Hooves walking on the snowy day.

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