A Must Places To Visit In Rome

Almost one year a go, that i visited Rome for the first time. I felt in love of this city, it’s full of history of the Roman Empire. The best thing in Rome when you visit it, is they carefully conserve all the ruins from the Roman histories, you don´t need to pay for everything if you would like to see this ruins, because they are in everywhere.

We spend in the city of Rome for 5 days, but i´m telling you for that days you could see a lot of Rome. When im traveling in a place, i´m very interesting too in Gastronomy i loved to taste the local food of that place. So in this time, i ate a lot of pasta, pizza and other typical italian food.

A Must Places To Visit In Rome for 5 days trip:

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As you already know, when you are going to have a vacation you are so excited to get inmeditely in that place.  So we booked our 4 star hotel in the city centre of Rome name Starhotels Metropole and highly recommended. We had everything walking distance from Museums, Basilicas, Restaurants, shops and more.

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After living our things in the hotel, we started to explore the city. So we visited first the Basilica Di Santa Maria Maggiore it was amazing inside and i have never been before inside of Basilica of Rome. When you get inside, you had a feeling that you are living the history of that Basilica, staring the architecture and the peaceful inside of that church its difficult to describe but it´s amazing.

After visiting the Basilica, we ate in a local Italian restaurant. Antipasti Bruschetta with tomatoes, the Saltimbocca was delicious, the spaghetti was fine and simple and Tiramisu was also delicious.

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Another place you don’t have to miss out is the famous fountain named Fontana di Trevi. One of the most beautiful fountain that i ever seen in my life. There was a lot of people catching photos in front of the fountain, people stop by, just watching the water goes down and some are just they hang up. Did you know that there is a lot of people trowing coins in the fountain to make  a wish and every single day there is an estimated to recollect like 3.000€ per day, i think the Town house of Fontana di Trevi is the most richer in the world.

In Fontana di Trevi, it´s also surrounded by restaurants. So we decided to have a very nice dinner near by. We ate for antipasti a Bruschetta of Porcini and a fresh Lobster with Linguine and of course we never missed our red wine on the table.

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Vatican City it´s a small city in Rome, also known the home of the Pope’s and Clerics people. In here you will find the famous St. Peter´s Basilica Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums . Honestly, im not a religious person but we wanted to visit the Vatican City, as you know it´s very famous in the Film of Angels and Demons from Dan Brown. We planned to visit the St. Peter´s Basilica and it was so sacrifiying to get inside, because there was a huge queue to get in and once you are about to get inside you have to past the control detector and it was also a rainy day, so it was like one hour before you get inside of The Basilica. After that it was worthy, i have never been in a huge Basilica in my life, the decorations, architecture and Statues was so fascinating and i was feel  blessed.

As we already inside of The Basilica, we wanted to visit too the Vatican Museum and The Sistine Chapel. It was a big Museum, where you will find Roman sculptures, famous work arts like Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc

The most i liked about this Museum, is the Sistine Chapel. You will see the great painting of Michelangelo on the ceiling.

Last but not least after a large day of Museum we had our Pizza 🙂

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On our fourth day in Rome, we decided to visit Colosseum. Could you imagine in the Roman Empire how the Gladiator having confrontations with other Gladiators, animals or criminals? It´s a theater for the Romans, where they make celebrations or entertainments. Honestly, when i saw the film of Gladiator, i feel so sorry for the kind of life what they had because they are convicted to die.

So, returning back in Colosseum, when we got inside another amazing experience that my eyes seen. It was huge, incredible that they still conserve the Colosseum and the way they built the Colosseum a hundreds of slaves, workforce and rocks.

So, after visiting the Colosseum we had a walk on the street where you don´t need to pay to see the Arco di Costantino, Forums of Nerve, Traiano, Cesar, Augusto and The Altare della Patria. Another great things in Rome is the conservations of the ruins, just having  a walk near of Colosseum you will find this Forums with descriptions.

And after a day long of Monuments and Gladiators, we had a delicious dinner of Oxtail stew a lo romano and homemade Gnocchi.

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Last day in Rome. We had a walk on the street of Rome and of course as we live in Spain we didn’t want to miss the Spanish Steps as we get there, its kind of deception because the steps where under construction and so it was closed, but we catch some photos of the Spanish Square surrounded of restaurants, shops and we had our last meal was Melon with burrata and Prosciutto, Linguine with seafoods and Al vongole and our italian ice-cream. Coming back at near the hotel we found Piazza della Repubblica and near by there is a little church name Santa Maria deli Angeli.

So, this is was my 5 days in Rome as you see we visited all about monuments, museum and food. You could see much more a lot of this things, there are an eternal places to do and what to visit in Rome.

Thanks for your time to read it and please share it, so the others could get information about Rome in Italy.

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