Best Restaurants to eat tapas in Ibiza

Tapas is one of the tradicional food in Spain. They serve it like appetizers in a small dishes it could be cold or hot tapas. Normally on weekend the Spanish people they go out for tapas and they called it “Tapear” it means you are going in different bars or restaurants to eat tapas, you could have it with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

On my free days, i love to hang out with some friends or with my partner to eat some tapas for lunch. I enjoy it because you could taste different dishes in a small portions and the best of it you could share the tapas with the others. If we are only two the maximum we could eat are like 4 tapas and if you are more than 3 people it could be like minimum 5 or more, it’s depend of everybody and that until you get full of tapas.

One of the best restaurants to eat tapas in Ibiza are:

La Bodegasituated in the main entrance of the Old Town. We had: Foie with mango sauce ,this was our favourite and was the best of our choice. We had also Ceviche and Beef chicks with mashed potatoes and some vegetables.

La Cava, I’m usually to go here on Winter night for tapas, because mostly of the restaurants are only open at Summertime. The atmosphere at La Cava its amusing, its good to hang up with friends and have some laugh, they play great music and sometimes there is a DJ.

We had varieties of Tapas: Pimientos de Padron, Potatoes  and Chipirones (battered fried squids) and then we had also Croquette of Jamon Serrano (Spanish ham).

Chorizos, squids and Coquette of Jamon Serrano

Los Bodegueros, I’m usually to hang out with my coworkers to have a dinner. They offer different kinds of Plates apart of Tapas, they have hamburger and also sushi. But we always prefer to choose Tapas. We had here: spanish sausage name Chorizo a la sidra, Croquettes of Jamon Serrano and some squids, we also had a vegetarian Tapas, Aubergine hummus and Pimientos de Padron, Hamburger with Potatoes and we also had a board of meat with potatoes and grilled vegetables. 

Entrecôte with grilled vegetables

Can Terra, is a knew Tapas and Pintxos Bar- Restaurant also situated in Ibiza city like the other 3 Tapas Restaurant that i mentioned above. They have a little garden with a small fountain and i love to eat at the garden because it feels like you are in Zen mode. Im usually to go here at night and only sometimes because its always full of people and if you don´t reserve at time maybe you have to wait for a while.

Here, apart of Tapas they also have Pintxos. Pinchos or Pintxos came from the north of Spain. Specially In the Basque country and Navarre, they are related to Tapas but the difference are they put a toothpick in a piece of bread with a small individual portions.

We had here: entrecôte with grilled vegetables and Pintxos of Dates with beacon, Stuffed of red Pepper and Foie grass with vegetables.

So when you are planning to visit Ibiza and you would like to have some Tapas, here are my best recommendations.

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