My Secret Place to see the sunset in Ibiza.

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully”

by Kristen Butler

Ibiza es a very special island, that could live you breathless, like discovering the difference coves that could offer you the island, his cristal clear water, the smell of the ocean, the green pines that surrounded the island.

Meet that people with different cultures, taste the local food in front of the sea and just relax. But there is also a very special moment that you could appreciate the island, is when the sunset begin.

That moment when you see the sunset, you couldn’t stop starring at and is when you realise you don’t want to scape that special moment and wish that sunset never comes to the end.


My favourite and Secret place to see the sunset in Ibiza. 

Its already well known for the tourist but not that crowd like in Cafe del Mar in San Antonio. I love to see the sunset here, first because it’s quite big the area, the view is so ridiculously wonderful, if you have a car is easily to park and specially it’s much more peaceful to appreciate it. Every time i come here, i select my place where i will contemplate to watch the sunset.


or sit down in this bar while watching the sunset.

It’s a magical feeling while having some drinks, it brings you in to another level of life nd the best of that when the sunset is already done, everybody clap their hands like saying: thank you for that wonderful moment and the day has end beautifully 🙂


and this is the picture of the sunset when has finished.

Do you guess where this place is? Please comment below.

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