Travel Luxury in Dubai

What comes on your mind, when you think about Dubai? Is the capital of Emirate, a desert full of skyscrapers where you will find the most highest buildings on the world, luxuries, and amazing architectures.

When we travel to Dubai, we stayed about one week and it was a long day of sun about 40 degrees. I traveled to Dubai about 3 times already. As i work for Emirates company i have an opportunity to visit this amazing country every time i want.

Dubai is an expensive city, where you will find the best hotels in the world and it is full of luxuries, so be sure to bring some amount of money with you.

Here are my Travel Luxury in Dubai


We stayed in Hotel Landmark and Suites. It was a very good situated hotel, because we had restaurants, supermarkets, shops, stations and everything you need around. The next time we travel again definitely we will stayed here again.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, situated in Abu Dhabi the capital of United Arab Emirates. It is the country Grand Mosque and the place of worship for Friday gathering and Eid prayers.

They offer also for educational learning, cultural activities and visitor programs.

To go here inside woman must were a special clothes named Burka.


Desert safari

It’s a must tour Desert safari, they offer a lot of option a part of riding Camel. You have to visit the Dunes, Camel rocks and experience how it is feel when you are in a desert and no worries they offer you cold drinks for refreshments. 



Dubai Mall and The Dancing Fountain

This is for shopaholic or Non-shopaholic, but you must visit this mall. This is biggest mall on the world, it’s contain more than 1.200 stores inside, you need more than a day to see the entire mall. When i got inside first i was freezing because of the aa/cc, it was so hot outside and freezing inside. Second it was so entertaining because there is a huge aquarium and third you will find a lot of luxuries shops, restaurants, cinemas and what ever you need to see in a mall.

Next to Dubai mall, you will see the Dancing Fountain, have a look there, relax and just enjoy watching the Fountain.


Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, is a must visit if you going to Dubai. Is the highest skyscrapers in the world. They have an observation deck above, where you could see the entire city of Dubai. You have 2 options visit the Level 125 “At The Top” or Level 148 ” At The Top Sky” the last option is the best, it is the highest level of the building and once you get there, they also offer you some tea to drinks and special bread from Dubai and this included also to visit the Level 125. Tickets are quit expensive to the observation deck, but if you love photography you will love it to shots some great photos.

If you are wanted to go there, be sure to book already your tickets and be punctual, otherwise if you come late after 45 min. when the door closed, they will not let you in and the reason is a lot of people would like you come in.

We visited Burj Khalifa at night to see the lights of the entire city of Dubai (pictures above) and we choose the second option and it was very beautiful the panoramic view.

Spice and Gold Zouk

It is a traditional market in the part of the old town of Deira, all kind of spice that you could imagine it is here. In my case i love cooking so bought some curry and turmeric spice. Also they offer a variety of dried fruits, everything that you need about recipes its all here .

If you love golds, get and have a visit in Gold souk, Dubai it’s also famous in shopping for golds. There are hundreds of types of gold, diamonds and other precious metal and stones.

Cruise in Dubai Creek

 Have an amazing tour, romantic dinner and beautiful views in the “Zouk of spices and Gold” in the old town of Dubai. Highly recommended. You could also book a dinner in the cruise, they offer a welcome drinks, an international buffet dinner and soft drinks.

While your having your tour and dinning in the cruise, they will play some arabic and english songs.

Atlantis The Palm

Do you need another adventure? Go to Atlantis The Palm, it is an Aquaventure and the most biggest in the world. Get refreshing at aquabeach, have fun in waterpark, dive with the sharks, visit the amazing aquarium, swim with the dolphins, everything you need about water you will definitely find it here.

We enjoyed our time here, we relaxed and we visited also the aquarium.


Burj Al Arab and Muntaha restaurant

Oh yes this one is our best trip and it was our last day in Dubai, so we save the best for last. We booked a table for lunch in one of the most famous restaurants of Burj Al Arab in Al Muntaha.

Burj Al Arab is the only existing 7 stars around the world, so it is unique. You couldn’t come inside of this hotel without any reservation. This super seven star hotel is amazing from Architecture to customer service and they will exceed your minimum expectations, all you are looking about a hotel you will find it here. Burj Al Arab also consist of nine restaurants and the best of them are : Al Mahara which is consist of a large aquarium and Al Muntaha it is located in 200 m (660 ft) which it’s on the top with a panoramic view of Dubai and also the access elevator has a panoramic view.

We had our lunch in Al Muntaha and it was superb the view and the meal, but the rate it was extremely expensive.

Conclusion: Dubai is a very modern city, i call it the Star Wars city 🙂 very beautiful but prepare your pocket. Is usually very hot at day and depend on the season at the evening maybe you have to wear some jacket.

Many thanks to Jenn Traveler to share with me her travel story from Dubai.

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