Your 15 Days In Bali

Bali, Indonesia. Is one of the most visited places of the world and in Asia. It´s famous about his Temples, Architecture, religion, meditation, surfing and if you are looking for Paradise.We had planned our travel in Bali since a year ago and at last we made it. We stayed in Bali for 15 days. Our first week it was rainy days, so some of our plan are just didn’t work at all, but the rest of the week was very good and we visited a lot of places in Bali.


When we were in Bali, we rented a Vila-hotel for a week. It was a nice Vila that was consist of 5 bedrooms with Balinesa beds, 3 bathrooms, a huge kitchen where we could prepare our foods, small chick swimming pool and we had 24 hrs bodyguard in our Vila. The Vila consist it to share with another guest and you have to share all main areas with them, but we were lucky in our first days because the Vila was empty and so we had it just all for us 🙂


After a long flight from Europe, when we got to the island of Bali we had a jet lag for almost a week, our first day we took it to take a rest and recovered from a long flight.   The second day we decided first to visit Uluwatu Temple Water even though it was a rainy day, when we got there it was a breath taking and the rain was almost stops.

Uluwatu Temple Water or Pura Luhur Uluwatu; it’s one of the most visited Temple in Bali. It’s located on the southwest of Bali’s island and the cliff has approximately about 70 metres. It’s one of the temples believed to be Bali’s spiritual Pillars, also celebrates the anniversary of the Temple every Kliwon Medangsya Tuesday on 210 day Pakuwon Balinese calendar.

It’s also famous to see the sunset, overview, surf spot and there is a Monkey forest nearby inhabited. Beware of the Monkeys, because they could grab your things like sunglasses, cellphones, etc at least if you have a banana or peanuts to give them they will live you alone.


If you like coffee and you are interested about the making process, we recommend you to visit Kopi Luwak. The famous Kopi Luwak is made in Indonesia, it’s an expensive coffee because they could only produced about 500 kgs per year. In some countries like in North of America you could find this coffee, a cup of this coffee could cost you about approximately $80 and yes that is extremely expensive but in Bali it’s much more less expensive like 4€ per cup.

The making process of these expensive coffee are, they discovered that the wild Civets  animals eats the coffee cherries, it digest the fruit and expels the beans. The collectors  collects the beans once it’s defected from these animals. They wash and roast it, they said when the Civets animals expels the beans, mostly of the bitterness of these beans are took away and it’s convert in to sweetness after defected.

Also they offer difference flavours of Kopi Luwak like Ginger or Cinnamon.


Another breathtaking Temple to visit in and this time is Water Palace Tirta Gangga. Situated in eastern Bali and it was belong from the Royal Family Karangasem. It’s a Water Palace temple and it consist with a maze pools and fountains.

The principle theme here is always the water and the gardens are surrounded by the water, beautiful adorning statues like Gods and Demons there is also a Palace and religious area where the people could offer some things. It was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 and beautiflully restored again. 

A must recommended place to visit, i’m sure that you will like it and you will never experience like this Water Temple Palace before.


If one of your hobby is Scuba diving and you have a Diving license, so we recommend you to visit some diving excursion in Bali. So, we choose to dive the famous sinked American ship on World War II named USAT Liberty Wreck has 120 m. long and 30 m deep. 

It was an amazing experience to dive this ship and i never dive a sinked ship before. A part of this marvellous ship, the Fauna and Flora were also amazing we saw a giant barracuda and lots of difference fishes and corals.



Oh yes, i know what you are thinking. Another Temple we had visited and this time is Pura Lempuyang Luhur Temple, its a Balinese Hindu Temple, where the Hindu’s goes to practice their religion. It’s difficult to reach the place because it consist of 1700 steps until you got in to the top of the hill and that is approximately 2 hours walking upstairs and another downstairs, they called the Seven Heaven because it’s on top of the hill, while you are walking upstairs you will often to see people bringing food over their heads in a basket, once you get on the top it is worthy the effort, amazing view and you will find the people are praying. 

It consist of seven temples and the highest ones is at 1,058 metres high, it’s obligatory for the visitors to wear a sarong cloth to visit the Temples where you could buy them before the entrance and we recommend also to where confortable shoes because of the long distance trekking, meanwhile you are walking upstairs you will also find some little shops to buy some foods and something to drink.


After one week stayed in Bali. We decided to hop’ on to Lombok island. We heard it’s also a beautiful island, many places to visit too, so we stayed in a hotel in Kuta for a week, situated in a south side of Lombok.

First of all we planned to Trekk the Rinjani Volcano and stay there for 4 days but suddenly we realised that we are not prepare to go up there. The summit of Mount Rinjani has 3,726 m. and that makes the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

we heard that it’s a lot of hours walking until you get to the summit, second thing is we didn’t bring a trekking cloths and it’s also cold there above. But the thing didn’t stayed here, so we decided to visit the one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mount Rinjani.


Name Mangku Sakti water falls, located in the slopes of Mount Rinjani. We rented a big car to get in to Manku Sakti, it was so beautiful the water falls, we stayed the entire day, we swam, jumped in to the water, ate and just had fun and also  there was a lot of people. It was a nice feeling to be in contact with the nature.

your-15-days-in-bali-trawanga Snorkel Snorkel

After of three days going to a beach to another, we decided to visit Gili Trawangan island and its consist of three small island name Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air they are located on the Northwest of Lombok island but we decided to visit Gili Trawangan. If you are looking for a remote island experience, so this is your right place.

The main transportation there is by bikes, horse or by foot. It’s forbidden to use cars or scooters, so we decided to rent bikes and we stayed there for a couple of days, it was so fun exploring this island. The main activities here are Diving or Snorkel the Fauna and Flora was so amazing you could find diverse types of marine.

So Gili Trawangan is our last destination in Indonesia. After that we flew back to Bali and get the flight directly back to Europe. We had fun, we loved Indonesia and surely we will comeback for more. There is a lot of things to do and to visit in Indonesia, you will never have enough Indonesia.

We recommend you to bring: Comfortable shoes for walk, Trekking cloths, jackets if your planning to visit some Volcano. Take a look the weather before you go to Bali because it’s depend on the season maybe it’s rainy or sunny, our first week was absolutely rainy days and so bring with you umbrella or raincoat.

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  1. Great post and nice photos! 🙂 I did the Mount Rinjani 3 day trek and just rented boots and a jacket from the tour company. It was one of the most tiring experiences I’ve ever had, but very worth the beautiful scenery and landscapes! You should try it next time!

  2. There’s some awesome information here. If more people were aware of this, the world would be a much better place! I can obviously see that you have put a lot of effort into this post. Please keep up the good work; the world deserves it!

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